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DALI Dimming Controller

Series: EN-DC-DALI

Energy Saving

The DALI Dimming Controller (DDC), designed to control the lighting intensity and the energy consumption of LED/HID luminaries. The control done by DALI dimming commands (0-100%) that synchronize with the customer preset schedule. The DDC eliminates the need for RF/PLC system.
The DDC require DALI power supply on the DALI line. Each DDC directly control one road segment up to 64 luminaries and up to 300 meters. It is possible to add road segments by connecting them to the previous road segment DALI line with a DALI repeater (see the drawing below), each road segment adds up to 64 luminaries and up to 300 meters.
Both input and output are protected against accidental connection of mains or out of spec DALI power supply to the DALI lines.
The DDC and its DALI power supply are installed in the electric connection cabinet.
The repeater and its DALI power supply (for additional road segments) are installed in the base of the lighting pole at the road segments connection point (or at the cabinet in case of a star topology). The DDC control the dimming level using commands according to DALI standard IEC62386.
Configuration of the DDC dimming schedule is done with PC software. Once a dimming schedule has been programmed to the DDC it is saved in the flash memory. Dimming schedule is defined for the entire calendar year in 4 periods. A dimming program is defined for each period. Additional dimming program can be used to override the period program for special days. Each dimming program has a ‘Starting Level’ and up to 5 dimming events per night.
The DDC has a built in ‘Midnight Detector’ feature that identify the day of the year and the time of day so it can synchronize with the pre-programmed schedule. The ‘Midnight Detector requires the activation (On/Off) of the supply line to the luminaires to be controlled by an astronomical clock.

  • Thermoplastic box UL-94 V2.
  • Potting with resin UL-94 V2.
  • Operating temperature (-20°C) – (+60°C).
  • Block terminals for wiring connections.

Example of screens for preset schedule and dimming:

For 1….n Road segments
DL=DALI Luminaire
DALI line = length wires must not exceed 300 meters (for cable cross of 1.5 mm2) or the drop in voltage must not exceed 2V.
Mechanical details:

Black Beetle BASIC

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Dimming Timer

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Dimming Interface

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