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Black Beetle BASIC

Individual voltage controller

Energy Saving

The Basic Energy Saving Controllers designed for installation as additional device for HID Street Light fixture that based on magnetic ballast and PF capacitor.
The controllers operating the HID Street Light fixture at saving voltage that results with reduction of the power consumption & lighting level, in accordance with the standards requirements.
The controllers designed for 3 optional output voltages: 205VAC, 210VAC, 215VAC.
The customer can choose one of the outputs voltages subject to the required savings and light level.
The energy saving is according to the chosen output voltage:
The savings are based on full sine wave synchronized with the line voltage.
The voltage regulation does not affect the existing PF and harmonics.

Energy Saving
The regulated voltage is synchronized with the line voltage

The savings

Energy Saving

Energy Saving

Mechanical details:

P.N size dimensions L- W-H
EN-BIC-1-150 90x70x42
EN-BIC-1-250 117x94x40
EN-BIC-1-600 150x125x52
EN-BIC-1-1000 160x135x58
The size dimensions @ mm


  • ✔ Thermoplastic box UL-94 V2.
  • ✔ Potting with resin UL-94 V2.
  • ✔ Operating temperature (-40°C) – (+70°C).
  • ✔ Input voltage 230V ±10% 50Hz.


  • ✔ IP-65.
  • ✔ Double isolated.
  • ✔ Internal "Thermal protection".


  • The controller supplied with 50 cm input cable.
  • Fast installation in the base of the lighting pole.
  • Combined with local control device – option.
  • Combined with remote control system – option.
Energy Saving

Electrical scheme

Energy Saving

Black Beetle DALI

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